Language Plus focuses on building integrated language skills—Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, and Reading. Our teachers use the direct method combined with a communicative approach. This means that only Spanish is used in the classroom (‘direct’) and learners are the ones mostly speaking and communicating 60-80% of the time in class (‘communicative’). At Language Plus, our small classes ensure students get individualized attention and lots of opportunity to actively practice their Spanish. This means you develop your Spanish skills faster and more effectively.

Cultural Exchange

Most of our students say their favorite thing about Language Plus is the number of multicultural students and travelers who join our programs—people from all over the world! Our Spanish programs include students who range in age from 17 to 50+ and there is always a diverse group of people studying with us—most are improving their Spanish skills for academic or professional purposes, while others are preparing for travel or studying for personal interests.


Every program participant takes the Language Plus placement exam prior to entering class. This exam requires approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete and tests your Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Reading, and Writing skills. From this test, we place you in the correct class level. During the placement test, students and Program Advisors set realistic goals to make sure you achieve your personal study objectives.

Language Certificate

When you complete your course of study, every learner receives an official Language Plus Certificate of Spanish level achieved.