IN-PERSON GROUP Classes resuming Monday, July 12th!

English is the lingua franca across the entire globe.

English is a unifying force and plays a major role in how the world works and communicates together. Indeed, English is the most important language for international business, academics, popular culture, government, and travel.

The key factor is communication! The main reason most people want to improve their language skills is to communicate well, effectively and confidently in whatever situation they find themselves in.

Modern English is an inherently neutral and egalitarian language—it is simple, direct, and easy to use. Today, a Russian, a Korean, and a Mexican can all carry on a conversation together—in English.

English is the earth’s bridge language and truly an essential skill to possess in the modern world.

Approximately 1.35 billion people around the world speak English (17% of the Earth’s population) and approximately 75% of them learned it as their second language.

Join us at Language Plus to learn and practice English as a second language.