English is the lingua franca across the entire globe.

English is a unifying force and plays a major role in how the world works and communicates together. We see this is also true locally here in El Paso.

A majority of our students learn English for very practical reasons. They want:

  • To apply for a new job or promotion at work
  • To help their children with homework and speak with their teachers
  • To feel more connected to the community
  • Be more comfortable using English for general life at social gatherings, restaurants or out shopping

Our students don’t want to be dependent on family or friends to communicate in English. They want to have command of their own interactions in their second language. Sound familiar?


We can help build your confidence, achieve your goals and improve your accuracy in English through a communicative approach. You will start speaking from day one!

We have different General English options to fit your needs:

Check out our shorter courses to help with specific goals: